Introducing yet another Zyzz obsessed wanna be!

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Ok… So for all of you new meathead lovers that doesn’t know who Zyzz is, below we’ve attached a photo of him and a link for you to learn more about him.  Zyzz was probably the cockiest, most shredded human beings on the planet, but he unfortunately passed away a year or so ago.

So what does Zyzz have to do with this post?  Well we received an email from a guy stating this:

Going ape shit on Facebook supporting steroid use on gym memes pages and various bodybuilding support groups. He has a hard on for Zyzz. Claims he is the second coming of Zyzz.

If this guy is the second coming of Zyzz then he has some serious work to do.  This guys body fat percentage is more comparable to Christina Aguilera’s body fat than the Zyzz.  Among other things he really needs to work on the straight face… he doesn’t look intimidating at all.

ZYZZ – View his interview with Simply Shredded

Herman – The Metro Sexual version of HEMAN

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What is a Herman you ask? Well we asked the same question when we received an email about the latest trend in Sydney Australia.

Here’s what we received from a fellow Meathead Lover from Australia:

Sydney Australia is the metro sexual capital of the world. These Herman’s are very common in Sydney. Its time for the rest of the world to wake up. Metro Sexuals are on the rise. End of the day……”Cheers to HERMANS, more women for the rest of us.”

I think what our meathead lover is saying is that Herman is the female version of a Heman. Metro Sexuals are taking over Sydney. And the guy in this Web design Jacksonville picture is proving it with his Justin Beiber highlighted hair combed to the side. Another lesson learned from this photo is to take photos of yourself with less athletic dudes in the photo… It ALWAYS makes you feel better about yourself. Heyooooooooooooo.

Chicken Legged Meathead with Big Shorts – XXXL

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Whoa… we just got blessed by this beautiful photo of a bald headed chicken legged meathead. In our book this is the STANDARD meathead look. He’s got the fully body shave from his head to his toes, Web design Dallas shirt off with his arms flared a little forward to give his shoulders and chest a solid look.

Here’s the email we received:

Chicken Legs hidden by XXXL shorts.

And we have to agree!

Duckface juice head from the land of OZ.

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We received a friendly email today describing this young man.

Email Said: Duckface juice head. Talks about aesthetics and criticizes others yet his facial aesthetics are highly lacking.

The guy looks like he works Web design Minneapolis in a hair salon and will wax your eyebrows. I bet when he’s done he says “okkk greattttt” in a Bruno voice!

Straight Face Goatie Meathead Wannabe!

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted some good meathead photos and the reason is because I’ve been a little busy with other projects.  One thing I do love are when you guys send me in some photos of your local meatheads.

So this guy who’s name we’ll leave out of it looks like a wannabe  meathead.  He sent me a photo saying “Listen.. Cut the crap. I got what it takes to be the best. If you get in my face, my boys, im gunna hit you. I got testo running threw my veins. Meat Rate me!”

So here’s my rating: DOUCHBAG

This wannabe tough guy has it all going wrong.  He’s got blue earrings that look like he’s trying to match his girlfriend’s dress at prom.  He’s got the worst straight face I’ve ever seen… you’re not supposed to look like you’re going to kiss someone… you’re supposed to look like a badass. The cut off shirt was a big “no no.”  If you’re going to wear a cut off shirt at least make sure you have the guns fully loaded and flexing. And if you’re going to try and grow a mustache/goatie, make sure it at least grows in full otherwise shave the pubes off.

P.S. Try another shade of lipstick…

Even Australia has wannabe Meatheads…

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Comments from the original sender “This typical meathead (or guido as Americans call them) from Perth Australia thinks he’s tough. He’s sucking in his gut trying to look thin, and flexing his bicep trying to make it look big, while in-fact he’s just squashing all the fat in his arm together. As most wogs do, they never do cardio before a workout, they only work on their chest and arms, have poor technique and therefore he has chicken legs, a fat gut and no definition what so ever.”

I couldn’t agree more. This Guido or “meathead” as they call them in Australia is really focused on taking a solid picture. He’s wearing a beautiful gold chain, nice tight wife beater, and is either throwing up gang signs or this is his first time flexing for the camera. The guy hit the nail on the head with the outfit but overall it’s kind of an amateur picture in the fact that he hasn’t perfected the meathead look. He needs to focus more on his pose as well as his facial expression. He definitely needs to take more self photos and take as many as he can until he has the Web design Fort Collins straight faced meathead flex.

Straight Faced Chicken Legged Meathead… Boom!

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Just when you think you’ve seen it all… you get a photo like this.  I have a feeling this big meathead was in the gym workin out his chest when his friend walked by with a camera… Only a true meathead brings a camera to the gym. “Hey TONY!… put 12 plates on the leg press machine so I can end those PUNY LEG RUMORS”  Now let’s see how he measures up to the meathead checklist:

  • Straight Face 
  • Shaved Arms  
  • Shaved Legs  
  • Wife Beater 
  • Photo in the Gym 
  • Duck Face 
  • Chicken Legs
  • Flexing your upper body so you get the full on meathead Look…..

Boom.  This guy certainly takes the cake with this photo.  In all my years and experience in commenting on true meatheads, I don’t think I’ll ever find a photo that will compare to this.  If it were up to me, he’d win the meathead of the year award.  Good work young man…. Heyyoooooooooooooo

Perfecting the Straight Face Juicehead Look!

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Today we’re going to analyze the Perfect Straight Face Juicehead look.  The key to having the perfect straight face is to imagine something that really pisses you off.  Yes you may be in a good mood and yes you may be three sheets to the wind, but the key here is not the moment, it’s a photo that will be posted on facebook and seen by many.  Ok… so imagine something horrible… maybe someone just bumped into you in the club, or someone just drank your protein shake…  Relax the face, keep the lips numb, tilt the head back, and STARE.  Stare like someone just kissed your mom and you’re holding back a punch.  Let me know if this was helpful!  Send us your photos today!

Meathead flexing for a little Beach Volleyball!

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This guy probably woke up, made a protein shake, mixed a little NoXplode (Heyyyooooo) hit the gym, came home, whipped out the razor and did a full body manscape shave before hitting the beach.  Booommmmm!!!! Anyone up for a little Volleyball???  This guy is ready to take on the world.  He’s a one man volleyball team that is streamline now that he’s fully shaven.  Let’s be real… I’m not playing this guy anytime soon.  One more thing I need to mention… did this guy pose for this picture or what?  He probably asked his buddy… “Hey… take a photo of me looking for some volleyball competition… it’ll be a great facebook profile picture.” Haha

Huge Meathead Fail… Mom is taking the Picture.

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This guy looks like he’s been working out hard… he’s been seeing improvements and wanted a self photo without having to take it himself.  He had all the right meathead things going for him.  He was in the bathroom… he had a mirror… his shirt was off and he was flexing hard.  The only problem was… his mom was taking the picture and she was in it too.  I can picture this kid right now… “Yooooo Maa…. Come in here and take a photo of me… hurry up… I just got done doing some pushups.”  haha.    Nice beenie and necklace too… lookin real tough guy.